Raindrop Round 31-Light Long Chandelier 60" D For Staircase
Raindrop Modern Round 7-Light Chandelier 18" D
Raindrop Modern Round 7-Light Chandelier 18" D
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Raindrop Round 13-Light Chandelier 36" D For Living Room
Raindrop Modern Linear Chandelier 13 Lights, 54"W
Raindrop Linear Chandelier 21 Lights Over Dining Table, 72" W
Raindrop Modern Round 21-Light Chandelier 47" D

Beca Series

Beca series chandelier is decorated with rectangular crystal glass prisms. The prisms are spaced out along a band and are held in place by metal mounts at the top and bottom of the band. A band of faceted crystal glass prisms reflects and refracts the light. This type of light fixture is often used in grand and elegant spaces, such as formal dining rooms, or upscale hotels.

Stayce Series

Stayce Series chandelier is designed to evoke the bold and glamorous style of 20th century German-inspired chandeliers. The circle of faceted crystal glass prisms that surrounds the light source creates a beautiful and sparkling effect, much like an emerald-cut diamond. The way that the light is reflected and refracted through the crystal glass creates a shimmering and dazzling effect, adding an extra touch of elegance to any room. 

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