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Welcome to Olivialamps – Illuminating Homes with Timeless Brilliance!

Our dedication to excellence begins with our passionate team at Olivialamps. Comprising seasoned professionals in the lighting industry, our commitment is not just to business; it's a lifestyle. As individuals who appreciate the significance of creating high-quality, environmentally conscious lighting solutions, we understand the profound impact lighting has on the ambiance of your home.

Founded in 2019, Olivialamps has cultivated partnerships with renowned brands in the lighting industry. However, our true source of pride lies not in awards or achievements, but in the trust bestowed upon us by our valued customers.

Olivialamps Brand Story

"I purchased a pendant light a year ago, and it has become the centerpiece of my living room. When I decided to upgrade my bedroom lighting, Olivialamps was my first choice!" — A Delighted Customer

Just as your furniture tells a story, so does your lighting. From conceptualization to the finished product, we evolve with each design. Our mission is simple: to provide you and your family with sophisticated lighting solutions that enhance your living spaces. Olivialamps – where timeless brilliance meets the heart of your home!

Olivialamps Brand Story




Exemplary Craftsmanship at Olivialamps

At Olivialamps, our commitment to impeccable quality is anchored in the wealth of experience held by our manager, who spent eight years as a quality manager for a leading lighting company. Having handled demanding export orders, where stringent quality control is paramount, our manager brings a wealth of expertise to our lighting solutions.

In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize meticulous inspections of raw materials to prevent potential issues like poorly controlled drying of solid wood materials, ensuring the longevity of our fixtures. Our production process is vigilantly tracked to eliminate errors during assembly, a principle instilled at Olivialamps since its inception.

Crafting environmentally friendly and odorless lighting is a challenge that demands more than just a small workshop. Olivialamps upholds strict standards that include:

Adherence to national environmental standards in the production process.
Operating in a clean room that complies with national environmental regulations.
Employing professional equipment, a team of quality-focused staff, and standardized processes.
By guaranteeing eco-friendliness from the source, Olivialamps is dedicated to producing lighting solutions that not only meet but exceed environmental expectations. Exceptional craftsmanship, from inception to illumination.

Olivialamps Brand Story


Olivialamps - Your Illuminating Companion

At Olivialamps, we embark on a quest to illuminate your life with meticulously crafted lighting fixtures that seamlessly blend top-notch quality and eco-conscious design. Each facet of our creation, from materials to paints, is carefully considered to bring you a lighting experience that stands the test of time.

Olivialamps sources the world's finest materials, unwaveringly committed to principles of environmental protection, nature, and durability. Our meticulous selection includes North American white oak and North American cherry wood, meeting the rigorous FAS grade standard. This ensures not only environmental responsibility but also a touch of unparalleled sophistication in our products.

In our commitment to a fragrant-free lighting experience, Olivialamps surpasses industry standards by investing 3-5 times more than our counterparts in top-tier coatings. Free of formaldehyde and noxious odors, our coatings not only make our fixtures immediately ready for use but also shield against water and oil stains, preserving the innate beauty of the wood.

Following stringent export standards, Olivialamps meticulously executes a process of repeated sanding and spraying. Our efficient air purification treatments, in conjunction with controlled humidity and temperature, require extended drying times, resulting in fixtures of uncompromising quality. Within our pristine workshops, fully compliant with national environmental regulations, we bring you lighting fixtures that exude a satin-like delicacy.

At Olivialamps, our brand essence is sincerity. We aspire to spread goodwill through our unwavering commitment to eco-friendly and odorless lighting solutions. Allow us to reiterate: Olivialamps is devoted to providing you and your family with lighting fixtures that become cherished companions, casting an everlasting radiance in your home.



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